Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services

With Zlany you have the easiest way to track your emails.

No matter if you are a seller, lawyer or handyman knowing if and when people opens your email gives you the upper hand.

Email Tracking

We provide simple, easy to use and real time email tracking.

Full insight & analytics

Zlany gives you full insight and analytics through a easily accessible dashboard.

Personal reports

We use personal reports to summarize your performance in a simple and easy to read overview.

Email templates

We offer email templates, so you spend less time writing your most commonly used messages.

Click tracking

With out click tracking system you will always know if and when someone is clicking in your sent email.

Packed with features

Zlany offers a lot of features like CRM synchronization, multiple tracking recipients, send later options, mail merge & email support

A little Bit About Us

We are a small team of developers, entrepreneurs and freelancers located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together we founded Zlany to provide a simple, easy to use and cheap email tracking system for our professional colleagues.

Zlany is now used all over the world to help all kind of professionals to increase the email succesrate, work more efficient and sell more.

We are currently working on improving our service, so more people are able to use Zlany in a succesfull way.

"I was looking for an easy to use software i could use to track my emails, Zlany gives me that!”

Victor PowellHead of sales

“As a freelancer it is important for me to track my emails. Zlany is simple and serves my needs”

Ralph HernandezFreelance developer

“Zlany gives me the information i need when emailing to key customers and potentiel new ones”

Phillip BrownCo-Founder
Cups of Coffee

We Are Developers. We Are Entrepreneurs. We Are Zlany.

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