Track your emails with Zlany

Zlany is the easiest way to track your emails.
Knowing if and when people opens your email gives you the upper hand. 
With Zlany in your browser you will know the whole story!

  • Simple email tracking
  • Full insight & analytics
  • Personal reports
  • Collect data, save time & sell more!

Our customer says

"I was looking for an easy to use software i could use to track my emails, Zlany gives me that!”

Victor PowellHead of sales

“As a freelancer it is important for me to track my emails. Zlany is simple and serves my needs”

Ralph HernandezFreelance developer

“Zlany gives me the information i need when emailing to key customers and potentiel new ones”

Phillip BrownCo-Founder

Send a tracked email

After spending time composing that one important email you hit send and off it goes.


Knowing that Zlany will give you the whole story of your emails, you now get the upper hand.

Get notified!

When someone opens the email you have sent, you get a notification in your browser.

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Made for ordinary people

No bullshit. Just simple email tracking

With the Zlany Chrome app, you can easily see if and when someone opens your emails sent with Gmail.